Falling for Fall: a Sketch for Autumn


Yep. The fall “feels” found its way into my sketchbook. Thanks retail marketing. Everywhere I look: Leaves. Pumpkins. Sweaters. BUT HEY, I’M NOT COMPLAINING! I LOVE AUTUMN! And I hope you do, too. 🙂 Each year, it feels like the shortest season we get (depending on where we live). So, let’s raise our mugs of pumpkin chai to Autumn while she’s here.

Okay, so first: “Who’s the guy in the sketch?” To be frank, he doesn’t have a name, although I’m open to suggestions. He started as an illustrated version of one of the characters I customized on Animal Crossing. This character, Seth, is a gardener in the town, and I typically have him wearing plaid with his green hair in a bandana. Seth seems to be a quiet, humble sort of guy who is also a hard worker and a good neighbor.

As I continued drawing him, he gravitated into another character that I often like to draw, Bonami. Bonami tends to have a ruddy face (like this sketch), freckles (not like this sketch), and a rounder head with curlier, auburn hair. I see his personality as very chipper — even boisterous — and jovial. He is quirky, childish and a bit sheltered. He’s almost like a “little brother.”

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So, somehow, Seth and Bonami got mushed into one guy raking a pile of leaves. The stickers I added because I’ve had them for years and was doing a relaxed “craft time” the other day just decorating my sketchbook. These leaf stickers happened to fit with the sketch of him raking, and I slapped them on. And that’s it! There you are! The thought process on this sketch. Thanks for stopping by and stay warm, folks!


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