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Welcome! You have found my Sense of Being! This website represents a door to creative immersion–an outlet for reflecting my world by means of exploration, experimentation, and curiosity. More specifically, The Sense of Being is the sum total of various projects as I complete them, including a contemplative journal, sketchbook art, and informal book concept updates. I post these ventures in effort to stimulate encouragement, as well as a deep thoughtfulness for the things that matter in life, even if they are painful burdens to bear.

Therefore, it is my belief that through art and writing we are provided with a particularly special way of perceiving what it means to be alive and conscious of our duties to each other as human beings. It is my sincerest hope that through these things, we may also retain our true sense of being, so we can be more than simply an existence.

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Thanks for being and blessings to you!


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  1. Nice smile. I think we feel and perceive just fine with or without art/writing. But, both skills/practices help us process those feelings and perceptions. You’re right to say we need all we can get (outside certain earthly realms) to feel more than the mere basics of life and death. There is something close to the divine that comes from art. Though, I question the inspiration sources of some artists who create violent or unsettling works.

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