Bringing My Budsie to Life

Happy New Year! It’s time to kick off 2018!

Want to know what I’ve been up to? Designing my own Budsie!


Her name is Aylshrion, a combo of the words “Ayala” and “Shiryon.” So basically, she’s an armored deer. It took me awhile to design her and then a couple months for her to be finished, but alas, Christmastime was when I got to hold her for the first time. (Of course, I know she’s just stuffing and not a human baby, but it’s still pretty special for someone to be able to hold their own art!).

I began via pencil and making some concept sketches (below). I wasn’t sure on specifics, but I knew I wanted a deer, since they are my favorite animal, that was unique in appearance, as this is a highly customizable service. I desired to have the only one of it on the planet, hence the Pokemon-esque appearance, armor, wings, and other zany features.

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After choosing a concept, I went to work on the specs. It didn’t have to be fancy, as these were just blueprints, but I did need to indicate what colors I wanted my Budsie to be. I took pics of my sketches and drew over them on a simple program on my iPad Mini (now a technological dinosaur but continues to live on!). In order to articulate to the seamsters/seamstresses exactly how to put it together, I had to include a large paragraph and some little notes on the image for clarification.

Side View:

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Aerial View:

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Front View:

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Finally, after all this was complete, I waited a while before receiving a photo from Budsies to check the plush. At first, I was thrilled and okay’d it right away. But then, I noticed something: the wings! They were deflated! It bothered me so much, and they were gracious to accept my tweak. Ultimately, the extra effort was worth it. Having stuffing in the wings makes the plush both cuddlier and more proportional.


Version 2



And there you have it! My plush-designing journey! I had a super fun time creating Aylshrion, and the moment I got to see her “come to life” was absolutely magical! She’s so big that she’s incredibly huggable and almost reminds me of a small dog.

So, that about wraps it up! Thanks again for checking in and wishing you a Happy New Year!! Happy arting all!


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