“Vivid Sanctuary”

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If you’ve never witnessed a beach sunset in person, then you’re missing out on one of the most extraordinary moments one can experience.  Despite how basic or common this event may seem, there’s something intensely magical when you’re standing with the cool, velvet sand pressed between your toes.  Something changes as you find yourself being inhaled by the distant of colors pulling you in the sky. The atmosphere bursts open in vivid and convoluted beauty, as if Heaven’s meeting Earth for the first time.  It’s really an incredible experience, especially when you’re with family and loved ones at a safe place of restoration. The scene here was inspired by a place that serves my vacation and second home each year.  It’s an alternate world that resembles hope for myself along with a great deal of other families.  It’s our special shared sanctuary.

I began by sketching out the scene and then outlining it with a G-2 pen.  I had an idea in mind for how I wanted this drawing to look when finished, but the trouble came when I realized how hard it was to distinguish the sand from the lake without color.  I worked continually on it, clinging to the possibility of redeeming my piece (after all, I had invested so much time and ink into it!), until at last, it began to resemble my vision.  Even though my artwork rarely goes to plan whenever I attempt to predetermine every detail, I am still glad that this drawing takes after the original scene that stirred me into creativity.

So, perhaps I’ve learned a life lesson.  Although, not every piece (or situation) is salvageable, I shouldn’t give up, even if I’ve made what seems like a huge mistake.  There’s usually still an opportunity to rectify, and even though the scene won’t ever be same or turn out exactly as planned, it can still result in the birth of something new, fresh, and even surprising.  All one has to do see it through to the end.

4 thoughts on ““Vivid Sanctuary”

  1. I hear the Baywatch theme song just looking at that picture. 😀

    It’s not the sunset that’s so magical or amazing, it’s usually the company you keep there or the mix of the ocean sounds with the beach air/atmosphere. It’s a sharp contrast to the city or a forest. It reconnects you with the earth.

    I see pieces through to the end. But, I can imagine being in your shoes and wanting to give up on getting the details right. I don’t think my version of the scene would be as detailed as yours.

    This website is starting to reject my PC.

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    • Hahaha! I agree. The company is quite significant when experiencing the moment. 🙂 I just wanted to capture the experience, so I kept at it. Anyway, thank you for your compliment! I am glad that you also persist with your artwork as well!


    • I agree that pastels would make for a dynamic effect! It seems that each medium communicates an idea differently, such as a language or accent. Anyway, thank you for your encouragement~I really appreciate your kind words kellyartisthorton!

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