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It’s happened to most anyone who lives close to wildlife.  One late night, you’ll be taking out the garbage or cleaning your horse’s stall, when suddenly your flashlight catches on the glinting eyes of a wild raccoon or opossum.  It halts dead in its tracks, glaring up at you with some type of guilt as if caught doing something terrible.  Oh, those beady eyes are so creepy!

This painting is rather small in size and was designed in effort to study saturation.  For this piece, I used black, blue, white, and a tiny morsel of pink acrylic paint that gives it a somewhat glossy appeal when looking at it in real life.  It was based upon the sensation that a flashlight arouses in the illumination of a wild animal, as some parts (such as the eyes) are potently obvious, and others are mysteriously concealed in the darkness.  For all we know there could be hundreds of blinking raccoons behind those two in the front, waiting to attack!  Okay, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but still, the uncertainty of what lurks in the darkness presents a sense of anxiety, at least for me.

It’s odd, though, because when I was little, I used to blaze the flashlight on the faces of my poor cats because I thought it so neat in the way it made their eyes shine.  Now whenever I see glowing eyes, I just want to hide.  If I must make a trip to the barn at night, I’d rather ditch the flashlight and just stumble blindly over the cats darting between my legs .  There are no freaky eyeball light shows, and the cats get a good life lesson (just kidding)!

ALSO a quick announcement:  I will be posting on Tuesdays instead of Mondays (unless something tragic happens), as it fits best with my schedule now that Christmas break is over.  Anyway, thanks so much for reading and more to come!

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