*New York City: Influence and Inspiration

New York City…what a place.  It’s both gloriously magical and impersonally edgy at the same time.   Truly, it was an incredible experience, and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to visit it at least once in their life.  I went to three renowned museums in particular: the Met, the MoMA, and the Frick.  At these collections, I got to see countless famous paintings, including Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, Picasso’s Starry Night, and Dali’s Persistence of Memory.  It’s kind of silly, but I ended up taking a ton of selfies with them because for me it was like me meeting a celebrity!  Here’s one with me and Picasso’s Three Musicians.


While meandering through these galleries, part of me realized how much I respond to the romantic style of classical oil paintings and the enchantment of vivid landscapes (see Frederic Edwin Church’s The Heart of the Andes).  I feel that I miss the realistic but unnatural poise of the figure and the virulent, dynamism of nature’s existence absent in most current renditions of art (this is merely opinion).  That surreal glow of the flora and the dry portrayal of cities mesmerizes me.  Such inquisitiveness carried over into my fascination with the trees in New York and how they give off their own striking presence against the backdrop of bold skyscrapers and opulent cathedral spires.

Image-1 (10)
Image-1 (11)

Ultimately, I couldn’t help but at least sketch my ideas.  I drew the more simplistic sketch in August when I first found my inner magnetism to constructing scenes like previously described; however, I was at a loss in regards to how to execute my intent.  The drawing on the bottom was created while I was in New York, toying with this idea of juxtaposing diverse plant species with arbitrary buildings in a scene where a couple plays video games while drinking seltzer water (carbonated water is very popular in New York).  I’m considering making this into a larger, more accomplished project, but I haven’t decided as to the medium and orientation.

So, in sum, I’d say that New York was absolutely incredible and served me well in supplementing my taste with culture.  I cannot wait until I get another opportunity to visit, as the city is ever changing, ever growing, and ever inspiring.  What’s more is I can now see why everyone wears those I Love NY shirts, too!

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