“Storybook Acts”

Try 2 copy.jpgDuring my summer internship, I learned a lot about typography, fonts, and the history of books. This venture introduced me to a great many of illustrious drop caps and designs, such as those found in The Book of Kells. The curves, colors, and narratives expressed by the artwork on the pages are absolutely magical. I had to try it! I gave the technique a shot, and this piece is my response to what I experienced.

Okay, so first the design elements. The medium is watercolor and G2 pen (surprise, surprise), which is a favorite combo of mine. I chose a yellow background to simulate aging paper and light entering through a window. Similarly, the vivid color scheme and the structure behind the woman continue this stain glass motif. The dove in the lantern is a rather obvious symbol of the Holy Spirit (symbols were favorites in historical church art). To be honest, I didn’t put too much effort into brainstorming the verse, as I simply Googled the Verse of the Day. I did initially hesitate to use it due to the length, but I found a remedy in a wonderful thing . . . the ellipsis. A neat detail about Acts 1:8 is how it essentially tells a story in a single sentence. There is a beginning: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you,” a middle: “and you will be my witnesses,” and an end: “to the ends of the earth.”

Overall, the meticulous attention required for the construction of lettering gave me a fresh appreciation for calligraphy and book art. And adding words to an artistic piece might be a fun shift for me, who knows? Anyways, thanks for stopping by and wishing you a lovely autumn!

P.S. My friend was incredibly kind and posted this piece to his Christian Creative Instagram account. If you enjoy Christian calligraphy, it’s definitely worth a follow!

Your fellow journeyer,



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