Character Concept: Hexaide Sketches

At long last I am posting my first concept sketches of the book manuscript I’ve been working on! I needed someone to foreshorten, and he was just altogether too willing to volunteer! This guy’s name is Hexaide, and he’s actually an evil warlord in my story (of course, there’s an interesting spin to this, but that will be touched on another time). A few details about him. He originates from an Arctic climate currently called The Winter Grasslands, he’s seventeen-years-old, and he has pale green hair (not that you can tell!). Despite being an antagonist, he lies close to my heart because publishing this manuscript is a huge dream of mine, and he’s been there pretty much since the beginning (for more info on TWD, check the menu bar)! Plus, he has nice hair to work with–I mean, check out those magazine model locks of his! Anyways, thanks again for checking in and entertaining this silly little world of mine. More to come! Oh, and have a great summer if it’s already started! (Mine doesn’t start until after finals are over!)


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