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I developed the concept for this piece a little bit before “Win for Her” as a continued experiment with an overlapping, collage-like style. My professor encouraged me to work with a specific color scheme and restrict myself to a handful of colors instead of the entire rainbow (which I use loosely, as artists can argue that not every color is actually in the rainbow).  In response, I explored the reds, oranges, and browns found in the coat of the red fox, expanding the potency of the coat’s colors to blend with the subject matter surrounding the animal.  I came at this project with a sort of curious playfulness, similar to what a fox cub or even a child would experience when first taking in the world and its complexities.  Playing cards are one of these “great enigmas,” as I remember watching my family play with them during reunions (particularly Euchre) and having no idea what’s going on.  Or what about a snail shell?  How does it form the chambers, and what do those chambers do?  How does a plane fly without flapping?  Admittedly, the eyeglasses and books are a stark symbol of this pursuit of knowledge and even wisdom, as there is a reference to moving past milk and taking the next step towards solid food in the form of orange juice.  In the completion of this project, I saw a mirror of my own naivety and thirst for growth in both learning and fulfillment.

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