“Win For Her”

IMG_4489“Drawing” from a Picasso style of story, collage, and sometimes unidentifiable shapes, I created this piece with marker, pen, permanent marker, graphite, crayon, and colored pencil to accentuate the chaos of the competition among stags for a doe.  The Disney movie Bambi had a profound effect on my childhood to the point that the deer was a popular motif as the subject matter of many of my early scribblings and doodles.  If you’ve ever gotten past the death of Bambi’s mother in the movie, you’d probably remember when Bambi is challenged by Ronno for the beautiful Faline.  It’s a pretty intense scene for any child, now that I think about it, but it only makes Bambi’s triumph ever so rewarding.

With this piece, I worked to make physical the heroic and fiery passion of fighting for the one you need and love within a flurry of uproar where identity can be lost.  It’s silly, but the piece initially began after I was consecutively losing to my brothers in a video game, causing me to yearn for revenge that I may prove myself.  The problem was that I’d keep playing to try and win, but then even if I won, no one was having fun.  So what better way to recover from such a destructive cycle than through art?  While my unsatisfied brain began with a rant about its desire for conflict, it ended up getting lost in the idea of focusing on the motive behind a struggle, eventually resulting in this piece.  Bambi refreshed my memory at that time that some things are worth fighting for and others are not, as how would his success against Ronno mean anything if Bambi was merely going for a title or because Faline is simply a doe to be attained?  What a wonderful reminder animated movies can sometimes provide!

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