“The Walk Home”

FullSizeRenderThis landscape was born from an intermingling of four different images and a bit of imagination.  Like the previous piece of the sunset beach drawing, I used colored pencils and pen to create it in a similar style.  The beach in the background points to this reference, while also drawing a parallel to my sanctuary on Earth.  The kitten represents heavenly innocence, as it plays in the lush flowerings of the garden next to the path.  The mansion in the deep forest is an obvious symbol for an eternal home.

What’s interesting is that this piece initially was a simple drawing without any extra meaning attached.  I merely created it to serve a purpose, but then afterward, I realized that I was subconsciously illuminating a vision of hope and peace from the depths of my mind.  It is the incarnation of a dream for a perfect and beautiful future of both rest and vigor.  Perhaps sometimes it is important for artists not to plan every detail and avoid the strain to incorporate a specific theme.  This piece is one of my most personally successful drawings in regards to how I originally anticipated its final appearance and to how I still discovered deeper significance despite not putting any thought toward its meaning.  It might be nice to try this more often, letting the artistic juices naturally flow together along with unsaid personal aspirations and perceptions.  Art seems to become weaved with a new sort of humanity.

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