“Animal Planet”

photo (22)I know. I just used another bad pun for a title. This seems to be a reoccurring pattern for me, so perhaps I’ll simply accept it as naturally part of my style.  However, to everyone who is shaking their head right now, I am so sorry.  I couldn’t resist!

This piece is yet another large multimedia painting created within the same time frame as “Teach Me How to Think” and “American Spirit,” indicating that it also incorporates similar materials, such as pastel, watercolor, and pen.  The pastel is especially important in this piece, as it pulls the forms together into one large globular structure instead letting the subject bleed into the background entirely.  This blob of Earth and creatures is based off of the childlike wonder surfaced when one muses over how animals  are part of Earth’s character, splashing color onto an already dynamic environment.  Being a big animal lover myself, it’s hard to imagine a world without their diversity!  Anyways, this style of painting is one of my favorites, as there is something freeing in splattering and dripping paint!  It’s a great technique when you are filled creative flair, yet require a more casual and restorative process.  The end product becomes something uplifting, and you feel great afterwards almost as if you just got an artistic massage!

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