“Fruit of the Spirit”

image (2).1Another somewhat older piece.  This one was done in charcoal to help enable incorporate sharp contrast.  I was also working to experiment with placement in regards to how much detail needed to be arranged on each side in order to achieve balance.  I wanted to see if I could place a large amount of activity on one side yet still make the negative space interesting, and I did this using the description of the fruit and foliage sprouting from the girl’s locks.  To accomplish the character of the hair, I decided to lie down on the floor and take a “selfie.”   I then sought to combine this image with various plants and twist them into the hair, adding a sense of harmony.  In comparison to most other pieces that I’ve done, I really enjoyed this one and had little issue.  For some reason, it was especially entertaining to draw (maybe because it’s of my face 🙂 ).

I remember as a small child discovering the whimsical world and delighting in my ability being able to bend my hand with a mere thought.  Although much has changed since then, my response to the miracle of existence remains the same.  That day, when I realized that I was alive and even that I simply was, I rationed that I was going to seize this phenomenon like no other.  I was going to invest the best of myself because I wanted to inflict bright and restorative revolution.  However, at the time, I must admit that my conviction had more to do with my own glory and remembrance, but eventually, I discovered that such a calling required so much more of me than selfish dreams.  To really succeed in making the most of my life, I would have to do the unthinkable-give it away.

My goal in life remains the same, and that is to not waste it.  More than anything, I want to be productive and to be a blessing.  I want to be giving the best through every aspect of my life, no matter how insignificant I or my life may seem.  I still seek to produce everlasting fruit- fruit of the Spirit.  My sole wish is that by the end of my time, my life would have been dedicated honorably.

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